The Hunderfossen troll

Weighing in at 70 tons, the massive Hunderfossen Troll is an iconic sight in the themepark

The Hunderfossen troll is the world’s most famous and photographed troll. It towers 14 meters above the ground, sitting down Legend has it that the troll was petrified by the sun one early spring morning. The troll sat in his own thoughts, suddenly the sun shone, and so he remained seated.

The Hunderfossen troll guards a real adventure. If you dare to enter under the legs of the troll, you will find yourself in Asbjørnsen & Moe’s fairytale world, in Ivo Caprino’s fairytale cave. Among boulders, logs and moss, you’ll meet our cultural heritage in the form of unique tableaux from the fairy tales we know so well. All designed by Ivo Caprino and his good helpers. In the fairytale cave there are more than 150 trolls – can you find them all?

  • 14 meters tall 14 meters tall

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The Hunderfossen troll The Hunderfossen troll

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