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Travel to Hunderfossen- How do we get there?

By car: You can travel to Hunderfossen by car, the exit (no. 85) from E6 to the park is clearly signposted. You see the park and the big Fairytale Castle when you come from the south on the E6. Get directions on Google Maps.

Take the train to Hunderfossen Adventure Park. We have our own train station! Use Vy’s travel planner to find out if there is a suitable train.

If you’re traveling by plain, the closest airport is Oslo Gardermoen.

When you arrive at Hunderfossen Fairytale Park or Hunderfossen Childrens Farm, the same parking area is used. When you arrive, there is automatic sign reading at the entrance and exit. All vehicles are registered.

We have four options to pay for parking:

Download the APCOA FLOW app, register your profile and tick the box for automatic deduction under “my vehicles”, and you don’t have to think about the payment.
Note! The car park is visible AFTER the exit. We recommend registering in the app straight away so that parking and payment are automatic.
Pay by card on the website:  After departure – within 48 hours
Enter registration number and pay at the vending machine before departure. Before leaving the park
If you have not used one of the three payment methods above, you will receive an invoice in the mail for parked time + invoice fee NOK. 49, – (as of June 2020)

Rates for parking 2023:

Parking Christmas at Barnas Gård and Vinterparken: NOK 49, –
Day parking summer / autumn season: NOK 89, –
Evening parking: NOK 49, –

It is allowed to bring food that you can enjoy at several of our larger green areas around the park.
There are also gas grills by Energy Center you can rent through our app. Hunderfossen Fairytale Park also offer a wide selection of menus. Here you will find large and small restaurants that covers your need for breakfast, early or late lunch and dinner. At the various eateries you will find a selection of both hot and cold dishes. We also have gluten free, dairy free and vegan options available. Opening hours may vary at some of the eateries throughout the season.

Our restaurants and eateries:

  • Trollsalen Restaurant
  • Askeladden Pizza
  • The Little Prince’s taco
  • Solsiden – By the pool area
  • The Grill
  • The Bakery
  • The Waffle House
  • The Coffee House
  • The ice cream parlor
  • Slush house
  • The Sausage Kiosk

Hunderfossen Fairytale Park: Dogs are welcome here throughout the summer season as long as the dog is kept on a leash.
Hunderfossen Childrens Farm: Is not allowed to bring a dog or other animals to Hunderfossen Childrens Farm
Hunderfossen Winter Park: No dogs allowed.

Practical info with dog at Hunderfossen:

  • Dogs are not allowed in restaurants or indoor attractions.
  • Find fresh drinking water for dogs by the Tractor Track
  • You can get extra dog poop pags at Customer Services by the entance.
  • The dog must always be with the owner, there is no separate “dog parking” in the par

Hunderfossen is open summer and fall. The Winterpark is open Febuary and March. See opening hours 

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