Hunderfossen Children’s Farm

The Childrens Farm has activities for children and adults who wish to experience close encounters with animals. Here you can pet and cuddle with the animals. Maybe the kids want to try feeding the animals themselves? The farm features Norwegian farm animals – both small and large.
We also have a duck pond, obstacle courses for the kids and a cafe serving snacks.

We are located on an old farmhouse with a scenic view of Gudbrandsdalen and Lågen. A visit to the Children’s Farm is exciting enough on its own, but also perfect to combine with a visit to Hunderfossen Themepark. If you are looking to stay the night, we are located in walking distance from Hunderfossen Hotel & Resort and Hunderfossen Camping

See everything you can experience on a visit to the Children’s Farm:

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Activities at The Children's Farm

Pet the animals
Mini off-road cars (height requirement 100-150cm)
Try our obstacle course
Mini tractors
Visit the cafe
Rabbit park

Packing list:

  • Outdoor shoes that can withstand mud
  • Clothes that can withstand animal hair and animal drool. You´ll get close to the animals, so dress according to the conditions.
  • Wet wipes always come in handy!


  1. “Welcome to the farm”: all 20 species of animals have their own enclosure. Get information about the animals at each entrance.
  2. About the animals: Get an information sheet with info on how you can feed, pet or greet the different animals at the entrance.
  3. Buy a bag with pellets at the entrance (NOK 25). You can call the animals to you by shaking the bag, and give them food either on the ground or by hand.
  4. The Forest Car Track with electric off-road vehicles is open from 12.00-15.00. Height requirements 100-150 cm.
  5. Climbing trail, playground and obstacle course are open all day.
  6. The cafe is always open, and in “Våningshuset” you can enjoy a portion of sour cream porridge or freshly baked waffles in the courtyard garden.
  7. The Rabbit Park is open all day with a 15 min. break every hour. Our animal keepers will help and educate the kids on how to interact with the rabbits.

Feel free to ask our animal keepers for help or if you have any questions throughout your visit to the farm.

Welcome to The Children's Farm

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