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Winter Trollnight

Due to covid restrictions the planned Winterpark for 2022 will be replaced by a musical theatre event: Winter Trollnight

Bring the whole family along for an evening of song, theatre and beautiful ice sculptures. See 3 shows at 3 different venues in the park, and experience the stunning snow and ice buildings. Please note; all shows are in Norwegian only.

Limited tickets available – advance purchases only

Winter Trollnight

Order tickets now – only 200 guests per evening.
All shows are in Norwegian.

Program Winter Trollnight 18:00-19:30

Winter Trollnight starts at 18:00. All guests must meet at the entrance by 18:00. 

Please note: All shows are in Norwegian only!

In the Troll Forrest

Meet the evil witch and the troll Galder and experience the popular Trollnight songs “Galderrock” & “Heksefest”
Three shows each evening at 18:05, 18:25 and 18:45

In the Castle Garden
Duet with the Snowprincess and King Winter.
Three shows each evening at 18:05, 18:25 and 18:45

Meet the snowtrolls in the snow buildings
Experience the magical snow and ice buildings, beautiful ice sculptures, meet the snow trolls and have an ice drink i King Valemons Ice Bar

“Kongsgården” Main stage

In the fairytale about White Bear King Valemon you’ll meet the Princess, the witch, Galder and King Winter.
Approx. 25 min.

Everything happens outdoors so remember warm clothes and seat pads. 

PS! Dogs are not allowed in the park at winter.

Se opening days and prices

Song, theatre, snow and ice art

Castle Garden "Duet with the Snow Princess and King Winter"
Troll Forrest "Galderrock & Heksefest"
Main stage "King Valemon & the golden wreath"
Hunderfossen Ice Cathedral
Hunderfossen Snowhotel
Kong Valemons Ice Bar

Welcome to winter wonderland

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