Trolls and adventures

Hunderfossen Eventyrpark har troll og eventyr som tema. Familieparken er kjent som Hele Norges Eventyrpark. Hit kommer tilreisende fra fjern og nær for å gjenoppleve barndomsminner, og dele gode og spennende opplevelser med sine nærmeste. Med over 250.000 besøkende hver sommer, er vi en av landets best besøkte turistattraksjoner.


The Hunderfossen troll is the world’s most famous and photographed troll. It hovers 14 meters above the ground, and it sits there! The legend tells that the troll was petrified by the sun early spring morning. The troll sat in his own mind, suddenly the sun rolled, and so he sat. The Hunderfossen troll is guarding a real adventure.

If you dare to walk between the legs of the troll, you are in the fairy tale world of Asbjørnsen & Moes, in Ivo Caprino’s adventure cave . Among boulders, logs and moss you meet our cultural heritage in the form of unique tableaux from the adventures we know so well. Everything designed by Ivo Caprino and his good helpers. There are more than 150 trolls in the adventure cave – can you find them all? See more about Ivo Caprino’s Adventure Grotto here

Ivo Caprinos univers

In the Adventure Cinema , Ivo Caprino’s ever popular adventure movies are played – all day. Several of the films have a troll theme.

At the very heart of Ivo Caprino’s Adventure Grotto is Trollsalen Restaurant. Here are 6 big trolls that carry the whole roof, and the story between these trolls is included when you take a meal here. The walls in Trollsalen consist of huge boulders, and in the walls there are several exciting fairytales. The restaurant is definitely not the place to be in the world! See more about Trollsalen Restaurant here .

In the fantastic Adventure Castle you are taken on a journey where the whole family can fit in the same carriage. Critically acclaimed scenes and tableaux, national romance, music and stories are intertwined. Toralv Maurstad tells about the adventures you meet along the way, and several of these contain trolls – small and big, some kind and some scary … See more about the Adventure Castle here.

On the second floor of the Adventure Castle lies the Trollfallet . Here are the trolls that control, and you have to be careful not to get caught! Try to pass through the pantry, kitchen, treasure room and trolls dungeon – if you dare … Maybe you see the princess trapped by the troll at the top of the 7th and tallest tower in the Adventure Castle? See more about Trollfallet here

On the amphitheater there are daily fairy tales, where the fairy tales that are played also deal with trolls.

Klar for et eventyr stappet med Troll?

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