Hunderfossen Snow hotel

Enchanting ice sculptures, beds made of snow, and kick sled transportation. At Hunderfossen Snow Hotel, the winter night becomes truly magical. Unique accommodation in Scandinavia’s southernmost snow hotel, only 5 minutes from Hafjell.

Next to Norway’s largest ice cathedral, you can stay in suites for 2, 4 or 6 people at Hunderfossen Snow Hotel. Amidst beautiful ice sculptures and a magical winter atmosphere, the night at the snow hotel becomes an experience to remember. The experience includes entrance to the Winter Park, dinner and breakfast at Hunderfossen Hotel, kick sled transportation, an ice drink at King Valemon’s Ice Bar, and a private (warm and cozy) apartment.

The first snow hotel at Hunderfossen was completed in 2008. Since then, we have welcomed numerous adventurous guests who have spent the night in our enchanting snow hotel.

“Did you sleep well, Tormod whispers. The sleeping bag worked wonders, and with the hat pulled down over the forehead in the crisp winter air, we slept like a log. Perhaps with the help of the giant Hunderfossen troll? We kick-sled back to Hunderfossen Hotel where a delightful breakfast is served after a little sauna time, a perfect ending to a night in winter wonderland.”
110 unike overnattinger i Norge, Vigmostad Bjerke

How is the winter night in the snow hotel?

Overnatting i snøhotell

The temperature inside the snow hotel remains stable throughout winter, even as the weather fluctuates outside. The temperature is around -5 degrees Celsius. The snow dampens all sounds, so when you settle into your sleeping bag, you will only experience the magical atmosphere inside our enchanting snow hotel. Here, you sleep comfortably in a bed on reindeer skins with soft pillows and a warm sleeping bag that withstands temperatures of up to -30 degrees Celsius.

Who stays in the snow hotel?

An overnight stay in the snow hotel is perfect for families, groups of friends, colleagues, or couples looking for a truly special experience. Included in our snow hotel accommodation package are entrance to The Winter Park, dinner and breakfast at Hunderfossen Hotel, kick sled transportation, an ice drink at King Valemon’s Ice Bar, and a private apartment. For groups, we have special prices and programs.


Where is Hunderfossen Snow Hotel located?

The snow hotel is located next to the beautiful Fairy Tale Castle, just 5 minutes from Hafjell and 15 minutes from downtown Lillehammer. Inside the park, you can also experience magical lighting and enchanting entertainment for both young and old. Learn more about the Winter Park.

Visit King Valemon’s Ice Bar

Isdrink i isbaren

The snow hotel also has its own ice bar with cold and hot drinks. How about an ice drink in an ice glass or a warming mulled wine? When you stay overnight in the snow hotel, an ice drink at Kong Valemon’s Ice Bar is included.

Hunderfossen Ice Cathedral

Near the snow hotel, you will also find our majestic Ice Cathedral. Here, you can enjoy complete silence and beautiful decorations in ice and snow. Artists and snow and ice art vary from year to year but are always rooted in fairy tales. Did you know that you can actually get married in the Ice Cathedral? Here, the dream of a fairy-tale winter wedding comes true.


Fairy tale wedding in Hunderfossen Ice Cathedral

For groups and weddings, please contact Hunderfossen Hotel & Resort: +47 61 27 40 00 –

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Stay the night in the snow hotel

Hunderfossen Snow Hotel opens in February 2025. Send a request for accommodation at the Hunderfossen Snow Hotel for winter 2025.

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