Exciting news for 2023

Look forward to next year’s new attraction: The Music Factory! A magical world of sound, color and joy. Here, classical music meets the latest of technology, happy colours and funny animations. An experience that you are guaranteed to find nowhere else in the world

  • At the reception you are welcomed by Herbert and his helpers in The Music Factory!
  • In the prelude, you are taken into the fascinating factory, where you get to know Herbert and all the characters better – accompanied by a fun mini-concert and music by Edvard Grieg
  • After the prelude, there is a brand new 4D film with The Music Factory, specially made for Hunderfossen. Put on the 3D glasses, join Herbert’s world, and immerse yourself in the action where air pressure, wind, water and other surprises are involved!
  • After the 4D film, you can create your own colors to music on giant wall surfaces – where the whole family can work together or separately. Here you can also eat in the popular taco restaurant, themed with color games on the sky and with music from The Music Factory

Welcome to The Music Factory; a fantastic universe where the music is experienced with all senses. A colorful, musical firework that excites both young and old!!

The point of The Music Factory is to show music communication in a fun way, where children and young people can recognize several cultural and technological references. Very few children and families with children go to concerts and see symphony concerts, but here you get an opportunity to try something new. – Sigurd Slåttebrekk

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Did you know:

The Music Factory was recorded by the Oslo Philharmonic (OF), which is Norway’s “national orchestra” and one of Europe’s leading symphony orchestras. OF’s chief conductor since 2020 is Klaus Mäkelä and the orchestra has 108 musicians. In recent years, OF has spent significant resources on children, young people and families, as a long-term investment to ensure interest in the cultural heritage of classical music. The recording for Hunderfossen’s new attraction will take place in the winter of 2023, in the Oslo concert hall.


The Music Factory was created by Sigurd Slåttebrekk, professor of piano who teaches on a daily basis at the Academy of Music. But did you know that he has also received the Spellemannsprisen, and is a co-creator of the entire award-winning Elias universe? More than 90 episodes have been made with the lifeboat Elias and 3 full-length feature films, it has been sold in over 100 countries, and has won both the Amanda prize, the Fartein Valen prize, is an Emmy nominee and winner of the Gullruten.

Hunderfossen focuses on a “play & learning concept” in its attractions, for the whole family together. In addition to taking care of the cultural heritage of classical music, there is a small surprise we can reveal about the theme of The Music Factory; synesthesia. Synaesthesia is a rare but highly valued neurological phenomenon where sensory experiences are mixed. Where, for example, you see different colors when you hear music. Many great composers have had this “superpower”. And perhaps one or more of our guests will suddenly discover that there is a term for this sensory mixture they themselves experience? It is said that about 1 in 200 have synesthesia.


A large network of collaboration partners contributes to the realization of The Music Factory at Hunderfossen – including The Cultural Council, the Sparebank Foundation DNB, Innlandet Fylkeskommune, Musikkpedagogene, the Bergesenstiftelsen, the Oslo-philharmonic – and not least Hunderfossen Fairytale Park itself. The project has a cost frame of 18 million + building mass of 800 square meters.

Did you know that there are over 1,500 music bands in Norway? With close to 60,000 happy musicians? And that Crown Prince Håkon himself is the high patron of the Norwegian Music Corps Association? That 170,000 people in Norway sing in choirs, but that according to Norstat’s survey in the autumn of 2022 there are as many as 558,600 who would like to sing in a choir! Think how boring it would have been on 17 May, Norway’s national day, and other big occasions without the live music. If you want to start playing in a band or singing in a choir, then get involved!


Animation and the incredible special effects in The Music Factory are made by Fredrik Fotland in Expanse (also known from the VFX in Teddy Bear’s Christmas and in the audience favorite from the Netflix TROLL movie), while much of the technology is provided by Bravo. Furthermore, Hunderfossen Themepark has the best of local, national and international suppliers to create this spectacular attraction.

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