Covid 19 – Information

Last updated july 2020

We aim to create a good and safe experience for our guests in Hunderfossen Fairytale Park. In collaboration with the 5 largest family parks in Norway, we have developed a plan for infection control and added a number of new routines, so that the summer can be as normal as possible. We have implemented several infection control measures, but are also dependent on the people who visit the park to comply with the current restrictions. Please remember good hand hygiene, follow signage and guidelines in the park, and keep a safe distance from other families. We ask for your patience and understanding if certain thing run a bit slower than normal.

Use a private car, walk, or take a bike to the park. The summer bus will run as usual from Lillehammer center, but due to the corona situation has limited capacity.

Opening hours
We will follow planned opening hours, with a few exceptions. Due to restriction set by the government, the season-opening was delayed until June 7. We have added a «bonus weekend» 5-6. September. On the busiest days in July selected rides and restaurants will be open one extra hour, till 19.00. The park open 10.00, if possible we reccommend arriving after 12.00 to avoid lines at the entrance.

Number of guests
To comply with restrictions related to COVID 19, and to assure a safe experience for our guests, we will only allow a limited number of guests in Eventyrparken this summer. The number of guests allowed in the park will be around one-third of normal capacity. Please note that our guests will be responsible for their own family and for complying with current restrictions in the park.

Pre-order tickets
To comply with restrictions related to COVID 19, and to assure a safe experience for our guests, we will only allow a limited number of guests in Eventyrparken. Tickets will only be available for purchase online and we recommend you purchase your tickets well in advance. The most popular days will sell out and there is no waiting line for tickets for days that are sold out.

Season tickets
Those of you who have already purchased an annual pass can use this as usual. If possible, we ask you to plan your visit to the park outside of the main season and on days with fewer guests. Check our calendar to see which days are sold out. Green days will haver fewer guests, while red days will be fully booked. We will also open the park one extra weekend, 5-6. in September, where you can use your annual pass to visit the park. Guests with annual passes do not need to book a time for their visit to the Fairytale Park, but do have to book a date in advance to visit Barnas Gård Hunderfossen.

Use the app
To avoid unnecessary physical contact we recommend you download the Hunderfossen app. Here you will find our park map and practical information. Your tickets to the park can be downloaded via the app to use at the entrance gate. Parking ticket and self-service gas grills can also be paid for via the app.

Wash your hands – often
Everyone who enter the park will have their hands sprayed with hand sanitizer before entering the park. All restaurants and cafes will have their own handwash stations, and you will find hand sanitizer or hand wash stations at most attractions and shops in the park. We also recommend that you bring a small bottle of your own hand sanitizer.

Feeling sick or in the risk group?
If you have symptoms of Covid-19, (cough / flu / cold / respiratory problems / fever etc.) Please DO NOT visit Hunderfossen Eventyrpark. If you are in at-risk groups (chronic diseases, old age, etc.), we recommend that you wait, and visit us after the pandemic is over.

Extra cleaning
At every ride in the park, there are information signs that explain in more detail what infection control measures we have set in place and what we expect from you as a guest. Throughout the park, we do extra cleaning. Among other things, safety bars, steering wheels, handles, and seats are disinfected at regular intervals. Toilets and changing rooms are also cleaned more frequently. However, it is important that you and your family wash your hands often.

Keep your distance from other families
To avoid infection from others, we ask that you keep to your own family group and that you keep at least 1-meter distance to other families. We have many attractions in Hunderfossen that are suited for family groups.

Assist your own children
To avoid unnecessary contact with staff, we will in some places ask parents to help their own children. For example, parents can follow their children around the Volvo Track, and parents can lift their children in and out of rides. The health authorities have announced that it is justifiable, in terms of infection control, that our employees, (without the use of additional infection control equipment) can in brief moments be closer than 1 m from guests when evacuating from attractions and when checking hoops/safety devices.

Keep your distance!

The 1-meter rule applies throughout Norway. We have added distance markings in areas for queues. We have also marked “family rings” on the ground, where each guest/ family moves forward when the next ring when it becomes available. There is at least 1 meter between the rings, and we ask all guests to respect this distance. Parents must take responsibility for their own children adhering to the minimum distance.

In rides with room for several families, we have established new rules to be able to comply with the minimum distance. For example, that we block off every other row of seats, or that there should be 2 vacant seats on the side of each family.

Most of our 60 activities and attractions are running like normal, but we have set some restrictions to avoid close contact and get time for cleaning. The restrictions will limit the capacity, therefore we have also reduced the number of guests who are allowed into the park. The use of unattended play equipment in the park will be considered in consultation with the municipal supervisor.

The following 3 rides/activities are closed for the time being, due to infection control:

* Go-kart track

* Facepaint

* The ballroom

Pool area restrictions:

Max 200 people at a time.

Max time: 1 hour at a time

The employee manages admissions. Use changing rooms and outdoor showers to the south, or cloakrooms to the north.

Remember 1 m. distance, also in the water.

Restaurants, kiosks, and shops
Restaurants, kiosks, and shops will be open. We ask that only one person per family get in line to order food. We do not recommend cash – please use contactless payment by card instead. It is allowed to bring your own food into the park. We have large green areas, and also offer gas grills to our guests (NOK 1, – per minute, paid in the Hunderfossen app)

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