Tractor Tracks on the farm

Traktorbanen Ehz

Tractor Tracks on the farm

Next opening day is Saturday 6. Jun 2020 | Opening hours and prices | Buy ticket

A fun and adventurous tractor track where kids drive the tractor while adults take a seat in the back. As usual, Ståle the rooster has overslept and needs to hurry and wake everybody up. The exciting ride goes through the cowshed, the field with the greenhouse and the chicken run – before it ends in the farmhouse. 

Our tough John Deer 6930 Premium tractors can have five passengers, where the kids at the front have their own wheel to steer. The whole trip is a journey from “earth to table”, where you will learn more about how food is produced and where it comes from. 

The trip is seasoned with drive-in animated cartoons and small stages with big animated dolls. You will meet Rakel and her friends in the chicken run, Målfrid the cow, the farmer and his children on the farm and of course the chief himself, Ståle the rooster. 

Next to the Tractor Tracks you will also find Norway’s toughest cooperative shop, where you can buy cool John Deere items, toys and clothes. Welcome!

Children under 90 cm have to be accompanied by an adult.