The Little Prince – 4D cinema

Den Lille Prinsen 1

The Little Prince – 4D cinema

Next opening day is Saturday 6. Jun 2020 | Opening hours and prices | Buy ticket

The Little Prince with wind, water jets and seat shaking

At Hunderfossen Family Park in Lillehammer, you can discover the world’s most famous fairy tale in 4D! A lovely and spectacular journey through space, where we follow The Little Prince on his search for a special friend.
The trip takes you from planet to planet, where The Little Prince meets a series of challenges before he finds what he has been looking for in the end. 

The Little Prince has been named one of the world’s best books and has been sold over 200 million times. It is a philosophical children’s book, which is popular with grown-ups too.

The Little Prince has amazing animations in 4D and fun special effects – you have never experienced something like that!

Norwegian voices with Dennis Storhøi and Fannar Stein, amongst others.

Did you know that: The Little Prince (French: Le Petit Prince) is a children’s book from 1943, written and illustrated by the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The book is a classic, and can be read as a children’s book and as an ethic fable for all ages.
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