Toddler Area

Småtrollområdet Oversiktsbilde

Toddler Area

Next opening day is Friday 7. Feb 2020 | Opening hours and prices | Buy ticket

New and pleasant toddler area! Here we have gathered 4 great attractions and activities for the youngest children (2 to 7 years).

The Princess Tower
The Princess is at the top of the Princess Tower, and watches over the Family Park, while the dragon and kids are trying to jump up to her.

Here you will meet four big, “living”, song-loving frogs. Everybody has heard about the Frog Prince, right?

The Frog King
Even if you do not want to kiss the frog, you can still sit on the back of a frog and enjoy a bouncy ride! Mum and dad can also be part of the ride.

The Climbing Top
At the heart of the toddlers’ area, there is a 9-meter high climbing top, which is a challenge to climb.

At the toddler area there is a little food kiosk with ice creams, sodas, coffee and toilets are behind the amphitheatre.

Some of these attractions have height requirements.