Ivo Caprino’s Fairy-Tale Cave


Ivo Caprino’s Fairy-Tale Cave

Next opening day is Friday 7. Feb 2020 | Opening hours and prices | Buy ticket

Situated under the enormous troll, Ivo Caprino’s Fairy-Tale Cave will take you to the heart of Norwegian folk tales!

A magic world where anything can happen – a poor boy becomes a King and maids become princesses… Meet White-Bear King Valemon, Askeladden and the nice helpers who ate granite, and many more. Here you will spellbound – and take your time! It is only after you have a first look that you can see all the trolls...

Inside the cave, you can see Caprino’s famous and beloved puppet films in a fairy-tale cinema, and you can eat dinner in the amazing Trollsalen Restaurant (Trollsalen Restaurant is only open for groups in the Winter Park).