Il Tempo Extra Gigante


Il Tempo Extra Gigante

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At Hunderfossen Family Park YOU can drive Il Tempo Extra Gigante!

You can drive the wildest car in Norwegian history, designed by Kjell Aukrust, the one and only Il Tempo Extra Gigante, in a brand new edition where 14 passengers can take a seat! Welcome to Hunderfossen – Norway’s Fairy-Tale Park!

A few facts about Il Tempo Extra Gigante and the ride

The cart is specially made for Hunderfossen Family Park and has been approved by the Aukrust fund. It has 14 seats and its fantastic design makes it the only one of its kind in the world. The cart is built by hand by engine fanatics in the car town of Munich. Its unique seat setting will give you max air in your hair! Come and have an exciting ride on Il Tempo Extra Gigante! The ride, which is over half a kilometre long and has a top speed of 65 km/h, will give you a unique experience. The trip lasts for about 1,5 minutes. *Passengers need to be at least 115 cm high accompanied by an adult, or 130 cm high on their own.

About Il Tempo Extra Gigante:

  • Length: 12,96 m
  • Front width: 187 cm
  • Rear width: 223 cm
  • Radar height: 235 cm
  • Passengers: max 14
  • Weight (empty): 6500 kg
  • Breaks: magnetic
  • Engine: 180 KWH
  • Backfiring: Yes!
Did you know that…
  • Kjell Aukrust designed Il Tempo Extra Gigante for Adresseavisen in 1968, a local newspaper in Trondheim in 1968.
  • According to Flåklypa Tidende, the fictional newspaper created by Kjell Aukrust, the bike mender Reodor Felgen (or Theodor Rimspoke in English) in Flåklypa created havoc in Bøverdalen when he drove Il Tempo Gigante after having installed a dozen carburettors with jet engines??