Hunderfossen Winter Park

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Hunderfossen Winter Park

The park is open ( 10:00 - 17:00 ) | Opening hours and prices | Buy ticket

Be prepared for an enchanting winter evening with Hunderfossen Ice Cathedral and Snow Hotel, which has an ice bar. Attractions for the whole family and a lot of exciting entertainment!

At the start of your winter adventure, you will meet the Snow Princess and her magical snowflakes. In the light of the crackling campfire, you will see your children’s eyes sparkle with enthusiasm when they hear the witch’s thrilling story. In the distance, you can hear the sound of a sleigh and children laughter, and the fabulous ice sculptures are lighting the way to a mysterious and romantic Winter Park.

Hunderfossen Winter Park – a fairy tale in snow and ice – only 5 minutes from Hafjell Resort and 15 minutes from Lillehammer city centre. Hunderfossen Winter Park opens February 9th, 2018. You will find all the prices and opening times here.

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  • The Troll Drop - min. 120 cm
  • The Snow Hotel
  • The Ice Bar
  • Bumper Cars - 90-130 cm /acc. 130 cm alone
  • The Ice Cathedral
  • Ice Sculptures
  • The ice witch
  • Fairytale Palace
  • Fairytale Grotto
  • Fairytale Cinema
  • Snow Rafting
  • The play house
  • 4D cinema "The Little Prince"
  • Climbing wall - min. 120 cm
  • Snow play area
  • Kids Snowmobiles - fra/from 120-150 cm
  • Horse Sledge
  • Kick Sledges
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Fairy Tale Palace shop
  • Fireworks every night at 8.30 p.m. 


From 6 p.m.
The dragon guards the Winterpark entrance while the cute Snow trolls plays in the snow.

The ice whitch - do you dare to pick a gold coin from the ice whitch and manage to get out of the labyrinth without help?

From 6.10 p.m.
Fairy tale  in the Troll Forest

From 6.30 p.m.
Fairy tale musical in the Fairy Tale garden

Fireworks every night at 8.30 p.m.

Places to eat

  • Kong Valemons Ice bar  
  • Den Lille Prinsen  
  • Askeladden kiosk  
  • Igloo-barbeque   
  • Coffee House "Kaffehuset"  
  • Roasted almonds

Sacral atmosphere and wonderful décor

By the Fairy-Tale Castle, you will find the majestic Ice Cathedral with its sacral atmosphere – in complete silence and with a wonderful décor of ice and snow. Artists and snow and ice art change every year, but always have our fairy tales in mind. Here, you can enjoy the atmosphere and the quietness in peace. More than one prince has been answered “yes” here, and if you are lucky, you can hear the Ice Princess’s beautiful song in the walls. The Snow Hotel is just next door with its welcoming rooms. Here, you can sleep on warm reindeer shine and get the feeling of being in another world.

Activities and entertainment for everybody

Outside, kids go downhill on snow rafts and take a refreshing trip on a snowmobile. You are surrounded by songs, music, dancing and shows, which complete the enchanting atmosphere of the Winter Park. Inside, you can meet The Little Prince in 4D, drive a cart in the Fairy-Tale Castle and visit the marvellous fairy-tale scenes in Ivo Caprino’s Fairy-Tale Cave.

Iskunst Elisabeth Kristensen
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