Hunderfossen Ice Cathedral


Spellbound and sacred in Hunderfossen Ice Cathedral

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The Ice Cathedral – a magic experience! The cathedral is located by the Snow Hotel and King Valemon’s Ice Bar, just next to the huge Fairy-Tale Castle.

Hunderfossen Ice Cathedral is a fantastic building that is rebuilt every winter. The most stunning snow carvings and ice sculptures ornate the ice and the snow. Thousands of led lights light up the ice church.

Wedding at the Ice Cathedral.

The first wedding took place here at Hunderfossen Winter Park on January, the 27th, 2006. Since that day, many have said “yes” in the amazing cathedrals that have been built since that time. Tempted? Contact us at +47 61 27 40 00.

Contact us for more information about a wedding in the cathedral. Both religious and civil ceremonies can take place. We help plan the whole ceremony!

A funny (and a bit touching) story: Monday, January, 7th, 2008, The Irish TV producer David Caffray inspected Hunderfossen Winter Park for his popular travel programme in  Ireland. When he arrived at the Ice Cathedral, he was mesmerized and rang his girlfriend to propose to her. “I want to get married here!”

Four days later, bride Chloe Louise Bocking arrived at Hunderfossen, only 45 minutes before the ceremony started on the Thursday evening. The sleigh and horses were ready, and there was a solemn and memorable ceremony in the Ice Cathedral. We wish the newlyweds all the best!