Entertainment at Hunderfossen Winter Park

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Entertainment at Hunderfossen Winter Park

Next opening day is Friday 7. Feb 2020 | Opening hours and prices | Buy ticket

Hunderfossen Winter Park is a living park. Snow trolls and magical entertainment for everybody.

Meet And Great

As you come in, you will meet the Snow Princess in the ice castle who is performing her wonderful hymn to snow. Her adorable snow crystals are joyfully dancing around.

A bit farther in the Fairy-Tale World, you will meet the King and the Queen in the Castle Garden who are performing a Fairy-Tale musical. They are worried about the Princess. The Snow Princess and her adorable snow elves have moved into the park and are dancing on the snow stage, which is lit with living fire. The snow princess has the power to make snow and ice in Hunderfossen Winter Park. It starts right after the King and Queen’s fairy-tale musical. Both shows are played 3 times a night.

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In the Troll’s Forest, you can discover The Three Billy Goats Gruff who had lost their Way. A modern and interactive play based on the classic “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”, but here the audience has to help the goats to find their pasture. There will be surprises as the troll under the bridge is not quite like any other troll. Humour and fun for the whole family. Four shows a night.

You will meet King Winter’s Daughter in the Snow Hotel and the Ice Cathedral. She tells fairy tales, helps the visitors and sings in King Winter’s kingdom.

Toddy the witch is an old witch, who comes with witch gossip and tries to put a spell on passers-by by making them taste her special brew. All around the Winter Park, you can also meet a snow troll, who entertains the visitors. Snow trolls are also to be found on some of the attractions on the Winter Park.

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As a tradition in Hunderfossen Winter Park, every evening ends with majestic fireworks, especially composed with Edvard Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King.