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Travel to Hunderfossen

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It is easy to travel to Hunderfossen, both by car or by public transport. The Fanily Park is located by the E6 and the Dovre railway (Dovrebanen), north of Lillehammer city centre.

The exit from the E6 to the park is well indicated. You can see the park and the huge Fairy-Tale Castle when you arrive from the South on the E6.

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Sommerbussen A summer bus shuttles between Lillehammer, Hunderfossen and Hafjell.

Hunderfossen Family Park has a large car park within a short distance to the park. There is a special place for caravans and buses.
Parking fee in the summer: NOK 59 a day. At the Customer Service, you can purchase a parking season pass for NOK 150.

We have our own train station. Use NSB travel planner to find out about train times.