Schools and Kindergartens

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Schools and Kindergartens

Next opening day is Thursday 21. May 2020 | Opening hours and prices | Buy ticket

Many schools and kindergartens from all over the country have their end-of-year celebration here. Thanks to our special prices, and with a little help for the drive, this does not need to be so expensive.

Kindergartens love it here because it is an accessible and safe Family Park, with calm surroundings and many “resting places”. 

School classes get a lot from a day here thanks to our “Play and Learn” philosophy.


Hunderfossen Family Park has activities and attractions that are designed for the youngest kids, and in case of rain, we have a large choice of indoor activities. This year’s new PALYHOUSE is perfect for kindergarten kids. 

We have several attractions that are based on our well-known folk tales. It can be helpful to know some of the tales before the visit, for example The Boy who had an Eating Match with a Troll (Askeladden som Kappåt med Trollet), White-Bear-King-Valemon (Kvitebjørn kong Valemon) and the Ashlad and his good Helpers (Askeladden og de Gode Hjelperne). 

Make a family day out of the experience! This year we would like to offer kindergartens the possibility to bring the grandparents (or other family members). They get, of course, tickets at the kindergarten price, NOK 145.

Schools – Play and Learn at Hunderfossen!

Our philosophy, Play and Learn, is the essence of the attractions and activities of the Family Park.

The Tractor Tracks on the Farm offer an enjoyable trip on tractors from “earth to table”. We have huge indoor activity centres, like the Energy Centre. We travel all over Norway with Ivo Caprin’s Supervideograph. Kids can as well learn how to drive and get their driving licence on our raceways. Gold digging, huge swimming pools, the littlest ones have their own play area, funny 4D movie, and much more. And naturally, our enchanting attractions: Ivo Caprino’s Fairy-Tale Cave and the Fairy-Tale Castle.

Special energy offer for 1st – 10th grade

Together with the Energy Centre, we have a brand new offer to classes who wish a combination of academic content and rollercoasters. The content is adapted to all year groups. For booking and group prices, take contact with


Booking of tickets for schools and kindergartens: +47 61 27 55 30 (as for Ingeborg or Anita) or

All activities are included in the ticket, except for food. We have barbecues available and you can bring your own packed lunch.

One teacher comes for free per school class, and one kindergarten teacher comes for free for every 4 children. Accompanying family / siblings get the same price as the children, on the condition that the tickets are purchased and retrieved together at the entrance.  

Would you prefer to come one weekend or during school holidays instead? Schools, day care facilities for school children and kindergartens can get interesting group prices also on ordinary open days and in the weekends.

Contact for booking and price offers.