Dogs in the park


Dogs in the park

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During the summer season, all nice dogs are warmly welcome at Hunderfossen Family Park, on the condition that dog is held on a leash. 

Dogs are not allowed inside eateries or indoor attractions. Next to the Farmer’s Theatre, there is a “woof bar” where dogs have access to fresh water throughout the day.

If you want to (and if the weather/temperature allows it) keep your dog in the car for a short while, you can go out and in the park with a stamp on your hand. If you need extra waste bags, you can get some at the Customer Service. We wish all our guests, both 2-legged and 4-legged, a nice day at Hunderfossen Family Park!

Hunderfossen Winter Park: Dogs are unfortunately not allowed in the Winter Park. 

Barnas Gård Hunderfossen: It is unfortunately not allowed to bring dogs or other animals in Barnas Gård Hunderfossen, to avoid cases of infection.

Jorekstad Fritidsbad: dogs are neither allowed inside nor outside. 

Maihaugen: Dogs are normally not allowed in the visitor centre. Guiding dogs at work have, on the contrary, access to all areas at Maihaugen.