Tips for a good day at the Park!

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Tips for a good day at the Park!

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Tips to enjoy your visit at Hunderfossen Family Park

Take time to plan your visit – you will then get the best out of your day. Use our webpage to see which attractions are suitable for whom, which shows you would like to see, and where you are going to eat.

If you order your tickets in advance, you will get an online discount. A lot of people choose to buy 2-day tickets because they do not have time for everything in one day.

A day at the park is an active day, so remember to wear comfortable shoes and clothes for everybody. Remember to drink and eat during the day – you will find refreshments and something to eat at our many cafés, kiosks and restaurants.

Bring extra clothes – a shift and perhaps rain clothes. Once your hand is stamped, you are free to go in and out of the park to fetch things in your car. It is as well possible to rent a trolley at the entrance of the park, or rent a storage box.
Bring swimming suits! We have a popular swimming area with a 30-cm deep pool for toddlers, and pools with obstacle courses and slides for the bigger kids. Our many sunbeds are free to use next to the pools

Great for the littlest!

At Hunderfossen, there is so much to do that we recommend you stay for a few days. If a little troll squall happens, you can visit our indoor attractions of 700m². Our own “science centre” in the Family Park, the Energy Centre, presents many new and exciting exhibitions, for instance the waterfall, which is super popular amongst toddlers. The Tractor Tracks and our great small troll area at the end of the park is a must-do, and this year’s novelty, the PLAYHOUSE, is also specially developed for our youngest guests. There is a separate nursery and nursing room by the entrance, and changing tables several places in the park.

Outside the Family Park, with over 60 attractions and activities, we have the Night of the Troll on selected nights in July. Trolls take over and have a real troll party! The evening is complete with an exciting family show. Barnas Gård Hunderfossen is a perfect match to the Family Park. There, you can pat and feed over 20 animals – everything within a 400 m distance. 5 minutes away, there is the gondola at Hafjell that takes you to the top of Hafjell where you can walk, ride you bike downhill or just enjoy the view. The Roads museum is located 300 m from the Family Park and is a popular extra activity for our visitors.

Magical for grown-ups too
Hunderfossen Family Park is a calm and breathtaking park with large, green areas, gorgeous flower beds, architecture inspired by the Gudbrand Valley and fairy tales. A lot of our attractions are also suitable for older children and grown-ups.

Food and drinks in the family park
It is important for us to offer a large selection of healthy food for the whole family at Hunderfossen Family Park. Our seven eateries offer everything from fruits, vegetables, wraps, salads and wholegrain sandwiches to à la carte with meat and fish dishes at Trollsalen Rastaurant. It is actually only after you have glanced for a while that you can spot all the trolls… Here the family menu is great for kids! Our youngest guests can get free healthy food from Småfolk. Ask the staff for gluten free food.

Contact us at the Customer Service by phone: +47 61 27 55 53 if you have any questions.

Have a great day!