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Welcome to the Norwegian Troll Park in Lillehammer!

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Hunderfossen Family park is amongst Norway's best voted and most popular tourist attractions. The park is situated close to E-6, 15 minutes north of Lillehammer Town Center, and 2,5 hours drive from Oslo. Hunderfossen Family park is perfect for families with kids from 2-12 years and has a wide range of attractions and activities.  

Guarded by a 14 meter high troll, behind the gates of the 37 meter tall fairy tale palace the treasure of the Norwegian folk stories is kept safe in Hunderfossen Family park. Step inside and be a part of the fairy tales yourself! In the unique and mysterious atmosphere you will meet the Prince and the Princess, the King and the Queen, Trolls and many other odd characters from the old Norwegian folk stories.

NEW! Indoor playhouse with 14 unique and vivant attractions – for the youngest children.


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Attractions for children below 120 cm

Attractions for children from 120 cm

...and from 140 cm

Il Tempo Extra Gigante
The unique family ride, Il Tempo Extra Gigante has a top speed of 65 km/h. The ride takes 14 passengers and has a duration of 1,5 minutes. This is a unique experience!

The white water rafting
You better not be afraid of water when you enter our boats to float down the river. Hold on tight as you approach the waterfalls on this exciting aquatic adventure. Hunderfossen Rafting is one of our most popular attractions. It might look a bit dramatic, but we assure you it is totally safe, and very fun!

The fairytale ship
HOLD ON TIGHT! The Fairytale Ship takes you on a joyful ride! Up and down, up and down, and up again!

Swimming pools
On a hot summer day, why not relax in our swimming pool? While the kids plays in the water, feel free to relax on one of our sun beds. We have pools for both toddlers and the older ones. And if you are hungry or want a refreshment, our excellent cafeteria Vertshuset is right next door.

The Fairytale Palace
The World of fairy tales becomes real as you enter the gates of the 37 metres high Fairytale Castle. Here you can be a part of the fairy tales yourself! Climb up to the highest tower and save the princess. On the way you will meet the Princess, the King, the Trolls and many odd characters from the world of fairy tales.

Car tracks

Gokarts, mini Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG for kids, remote controlled Mercedes-Benz SLS and Volvo FH750-trucks for kids are amongst our car track attractions. All of our cars are electric driven, even the Gokarts! This gives them quicker acceleration than gasoline driven gokarts, which means more fun!

The Hunderfossen Troll
The 14 meter high troll is guarding the treasures of the Norwegain fairy tales. Inside the fairy tale grotto you will meet many of the characters from the old stories as you walk from one fairy tale to another. Inside the grotto you will  find our unique restaurant, Trollsalen, where you can dine with the huge trolls.

High Ropes Course
4 different tracks: Green track, Blue track, Red track and the Black track. Starting at 2 meters height in the green track to 14 meters height in the black track, this attraction is not for the faint-hearted but is a real challenge! Minimum 7 years and 130 cm. PS! An extra ticket is required for this attraction.

The Little Prince in 4D movie
A spectacular 4 dimensional show, where you will meet The Little Prince on his search for a very special friend. Fantastic 4D animations and fun special effects!The story is philosophical and includes societal criticism, remarking on the strangeness of the adult world.

The night of the trolls...

When the sun sets, the Trolls and other creatures of the forest come out to play... Fairytale show, Trolls, theatre, Rock/Folk music, lighting and mystique. An exciting evening activity for the whole family. Requires separate tickets via online purchase.

NSB - Norwegian Rail

Hunderfossen has its own train station only 200 metres from the park entrance! More info: www.nsb.no

Summer bus

The summer bus departs several times a day from the mid of June to the mid of August. The bus stops right outside the entrance and travels between Lillehammer train station and Hunderfossen Family Park.


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